We caught up with our good friend Lorenzo who works in Bologna’s hidden gem, Marsalino, an Osteria and bar tucked away just off Via Marsala in the centre of the city.


Q: Please tell us a little about yourself?

A: Hi guys, I’m Lorenzo and I live in beautiful Bologna and work in a great little bar called Marsalino. I’ve been at home for the last month, as most of what i do is working closely with the public and customers so couldn’t go into work as normal because of the lockdown.


Q: What is your favourite piece online at lorenz.store?

A: Love the woof-a-woo long sleeve. Tie-dye is everywhere here, in all the cool stores around, l love it.


Q: How has your day-to-day work changed since lockdown?

A: During the quarantine I’ve been cooking a lot and experimenting different recipes. Italian cooking is renowned throughout the world so a lot of that of course and also some new Asian food which has been fun. I’ve also been working on some creative projects on the side as well which has kept me occupied.


Q: What's the first thing you'll do post-lockdown?

A: First thing I’m going to do is head down to Marsalino with all my friends and have a beer...or ten.


Q: What's been keeping you sane throughout lockdown?

A: It’s been quite difficult to keep things normal during the lockdown, especially as Italy has been hit hard. But I live with my best friends and my girlfriend which helps keep me sane!